Sep 14, 2011

Sick Baby

I was going to post Aedan’s 18 month update yesterday, but I was waiting until I got a good picture of him.

Well, that never happened because he came down with a stomach bug yesterday evening. We had a long evening and night! My washing machine has pretty much been running non-stop since ever since.

By this morning Aedan was running a fever and still not able to keep water down so we headed to the doctor. We got a prescription for zofran (which was my best friend for a long time!) and things are looking better. When I picked up the prescription I also picked up these supplies.

photo 1

Aedan spent the morning resting with Hiro and I spend the morning disinfecting the entire house.

photo 2

I was able to get him to drink some Gatorade and eat some applesauce before going down for a nap. He has been asleep for 3 hours so I am hoping he feels better when he gets up! Poor baby!

Now just hoping neither Jon nor I get sick. Hopefully I can get some pictures edited and get his 18 month post up later this week!


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