Sep 27, 2011

Putting Cabinet Doors to Good Use

I am always looking for ways to clear off our kitchen counters. For one, I hate clutter, so I like to keep things clean and simple. For another, we don't have much counter space, so we need what we do have to be open.

A few years ago I added some cork boards to the inside of two cabinet doors. I use them to pin up coupons and our favorite recipes.

Recently I had been thinking I should put the other cabinet door to good use too. I picked up some 3M hooks at Target and hung them up.

Then I hung up our pot holders, which always seem to be floating around the counters.

Then I realized our spice cabinet was excessively messy! I know, a little "if you give a mouse a cookie" of me.

But look at everything that was in that small cabinet!

I cleaned it out, threw out a few expired spices, realized we have duplicates of at least 3 spices (no doubt because we couldn't see anything in the cabinet), and then put everything back in.

Looks much better, although we still can't easily see the spices in the back. Oh well, it will do for now. Love having the pot holders handy but still put away.

Have you put your cabinet doors to good use?


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