Sep 1, 2011

Our New Floors

On Monday we got our new floors installed!

Aedan and I spent the day at my grandparent’s old house (which my parents use when they come visit) in Round Rock. It was great to have a place to go for the day! Aedan had a blast because my parents have made him a little room complete with fun toys and books (most of which my sister and I had growing up).  We even got to spend some time with my grandmother, who brought us lunch. All in all it was a fun day!

We came home after Aedan’s afternoon nap and finally got to check out the new floors. I have to say, I knew I would like them, but I love them!!


And the rug…it is perfect!

I looked everywhere for a rug that wasn’t too contemporary (not really my style), but still had a little black to go with our couches. I think I checked just about every online store possible, plus visiting actual stores like World Market, Target, Home Goods, Home Depot, etc…I finally found the perfect rug at Lowes. As soon as I saw it I was in love. It has a little bit of black to tie in the couch color, it had the teal blue that matches our accent wall and accessories and it has some green and a rust red color that I wanted to bring into the room.

_MG_6003 Love it all! We still have to paint the trim and the shoe molding but you can’t really tell in the picture.

Oh and those sunburst pillows got returned. I like them but I don’t think they fit with the rug. So ignore those. I picked up some red ones that match the rug and look great!

We very happy with how it turned out and Aedan loves that his toy cars go so much faster on the floor.


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