Dec 8, 2011

Another House Update

Things seem to be on the right track as far as the house stuff goes. We met our new tenant Wednesday night to get the lease signed. Jon and I were both a little worried about what our tenant was going to be like. Even though our realtor/sister-in-law had done all the background and credit checks, you just never know, right?

Well, we were both pleasantly surprised. She is really nice and normal. :) She signed an 18 month lease, which means we won't have to worry about finding another renter during the holidays next year. We both feel really good about it and I think she is going to take good care of our home.

We also got the appraisal and site survey back on the new home. Yay for a decent chunk of equity in the home already! Our closing date has been moved up to 12/16 and everything is good to go.

Everything is happening so fast, but seems to be lining up well. Our house is almost all packed up, we have a Pod coming on Friday and friends helping us load it up on Saturday. We will be staying up in Round Rock for the week while we do some touch up work on the house. The cleaning crew and carpet cleaners have been scheduled and the lock guy is coming next week.

This time next week, our current house will be already for our tenant to move in and we will be 24 hours away from closing on our new house!

Now who wants to help me finish packing, address Christmas cards, finish up my Christmas shopping, and entertain my busy toddler? Anyone? Anyone? :)


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