Dec 29, 2011

Christmas Recap, Part One

I think it is about time I did a Christmas recap post…

First check out this cute picture. My parent’s yellow lab, Ruby spent a night with us at the new house since my parents went out to dinner with my Grandmother after helping us unpack. Both dogs are a little spoiled and since we only have one dog bed, my sister told Ruby she could get on the couch. Hiro jumped up at the same time because obviously he wasn’t going to miss out on a night on the couch.

photo 1

So we spent Saturday with my side of the family. Check out what Santa left for Aedan…

photo 2

I was most excited about the great wagon my parents (I mean Santa) left Aedan. But I’ll let the video show which toy Aedan was most excited about…

After Aedan played with his Santa toys for awhile and my Dad went out to get Round Rock donuts (a must have by the way!), we opened the rest of our gifts. It was so fun to see Aedan open everything. He would stop and play with each item as he opened it.

photo 4

After everyone had opened all their gifts, we had a big breakfast and spend the day hanging out. My grandmothers, aunts, uncle and one of my cousins came over for dinner. We did a gift exchange, but I of course took zero pictures. We had lots of fun and Aedan of course was spoiled with even more gifts from everyone.

We headed home after dinner and we were all pretty exhausted. We got a good nights sleep and headed back up north to spend the day with Jon’s side of the family on Sunday….more on that tomorrow. :)


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