Dec 16, 2011

That's a Wrap

Our first house together is officially all ready for our new tenant to move it tomorrow!

It has been a long week and both Jon and I have decided we are never moving again. Good thing we feel like this new house is going to be our forever home.

100% of our stuff is either loaded up and being stored in a POD or hanging out with us in Round Rock.

The house has been cleaned from top to bottom, the carpets have been shampooed and all the paint has been touched up. We (read: Jon) actually ended up having to re-paint our entire living room and hallways and our bedroom. Since Jon is a bit of an over achiever he also painted the utility room, which have never been painted before. The house looks great and I'm a little jealous, but then I remember we will be in my dream home soon and I feel better. :)

We were supposed to close on the new house today, but it got pushed to Monday. Actually, is it going to be kind of nice to just relax this weekend instead of moving in. We are hoping to start unpacking next Tuesday and hopefully be getting settled in just in time for Christmas.

For now we are going to relax and finish up Christmas shopping/gift wrapping while we enjoy the weekend!


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