Jul 3, 2008

The backyard remodel begins

Jon bought two HUGE magnolia trees for our backyard and they got delivered today...I know, yesterday the refrigerator and today two trees, what next you may ask. Well actually we have one more delivery scheduled for today. Its a shade sail. It looks something like this except the one we got will be a tan color. The plan is to lay flagstone to extend the back porch and then use this to create some cool shade. So back to the trees, they are another step in taking back our back yard from Hiro and his dog friends. Right now our backyard is a place where dog toys go to die. The dead grass (thanks to the summer heat) and the stuffed animal stuffing everywhere don't make for such a relaxing place to read or visit with friends. So that is what sparked our backyard makeover.

The trees were delivered today and unfortunately the guy could only drop them on our driveway. The trees are huge!! I was worried about getting them from the driveway to the backyard. Jon and I pushed the tree to the front of our house before I needed a break (it was only about 10 feet). We finally got the first tree into the backyard (thanks to Jon; I'm not sure I was much help). We were both too tired to move the second tree so it is still sitting in our driveway. It may stay there until Sunday, when we get back from Plano. I am really excited about getting some trees in our backyard. There is a two-story house directly behind us, so it will be nice to have some screening for privacy and some much needed shade. I will update with more pictures once we get the trees in the ground. Jon has his work cut out for him next week. He has to dig huge holes to put these guys in.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

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