Jul 17, 2008

It's been awhile...again

Well, once again it has been about a week since my last post.
Last weekend I went to a birthday party with the rest of my small group. We all went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and dessert...wonderful! Here is a picture of us after dinner.

On Sunday I took Hiro and his friend Woodrow to Jon's soccer game. I must have looked crazy walking with my chair, a huge bag with stuff for the dogs, and two crazy puppies jumping around at the end of their leashes. Sigh. I think next time I will be going dog free to the game. :) We babysat Woodrow all day, so once he left our house was nice and dirty. I went into cleaning mode and swept, moped and vacuumed the place. When I finished I was putting up the vacuum and realized that the LCD screen on our thermostat was off, which meant our AC was off. Ahh...

After a night of no AC, I was not in the best mood. It didn't actually get that hot in our house, but even with every window open it was sooo stuffy. It didn't help that Jon insisted on closing all the windows except our bedroom when we went to bed (he said it was a "security risk"). I rolled my eyes. We got an AC man to come out first thing Monday morning and it turns out it was just something small and we got our air back on. Yay!

Other than that the week as just been moving along. I just got back from dinner with my Dad. We took Hiro to play at Auditorium Shores and then walked to my favorite hamburger place for a good dinner. It was great to hang out.

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