Jul 19, 2008

Our house, in the middle of the street

Jon commented that I had not posted any pictures of our backyard now that the two trees have been planted. So here is our backyard remodel part 2. Keep in mind this is a work in progress and it has been super hot here so our grass is pretty dead. The red shade sail will eventually have a flagstone patio underneath it, with a couple of chairs and hopefully a chimina. We have not figured out what to do with the excess dirt from the holes. Right now the black buckets that the trees came in are filled with it. They are both too heave to move so we will have to come up with a new plan soon. I am so proud of Jon. He worked really hard to get both the trees planted before one of his business trips. I am excited that we are slowly taking our backyard back from Hiro. I will post updates once we get the next step done.

I have decided to take on an inside project. I am going to paint our kitchen, cabinets and all. Here are a few shots of our kitchen now. Notice the white walls and plan cabinets. My plan is to paint the cabinets antique white and then I am going to attempt to mud the kitchen walls. This will involve a few steps. First I will add mudding to the walls to create a cool texture. Next I am going to paint the base coat (which will be antique white). The final step will be to add stain on top of the paint. It will give the room a Tuscan feel. I have done it all before, but never on my own. I am hoping I can do a good job. My goal is to start next weekend and get it finished within the week. I will post pictures once I finish.

Here are some other pictures from our cute little house. This is our living room. Notice Hiro looking at me. He is not sure why I am walking around taking random pictures. The picture on
the right is from our entry way. I love how you can see straight to the kitchen. We love having such an open floor plan. This is the other side of the living room. I am still looking for something fun to hang on the wall. I can't decide if I want some kind of art work or a mirror.

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