Jul 9, 2008

Mid week up-date

This week seems to be going by very slowly. I am only taking one class this month and so far it's not too bad. It is a psychology class that I have to take as an elective (I like how they call it an elective, yet it is required). So far it just seems like a basic psychology class and is stuff I have learned before. The only thing that sucks is that the building is right in the middle of campus and there is no parking near it. Yesterday I was late to class because I could not find any parking! Then when class got out and I was hiking back to my car, it started pouring! I had an umbrella but it didn't do me any good because it was basically raining sideways. :( Needless to say by the time I reached my car I was soaked. Luckily I had some work out clothes in the back so I could change before going to my afternoon session.

Jon has been busy planting the trees this week. He got one planted on Monday and he is hoping to get the second one done today or tomorrow. He is working really hard. I can't believe he has done it all by himself. I was hoping he would get some help for the second one (it is bigger). He is out there digging right now...ahh and it is so HOT. I will post some pictures once we get both planted and our yard moed.

Okay, well I am off to class.

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