Mar 26, 2009

Catch up post

Okay, so this week I have been slacking on the blog postings…sorry! This will be a recap from our week in a nutshell. Its going to be a long post so feel free to just skim. :)

First I’ll start with some crafts…I did these over the weekend but I have been too lazy to move the pictures from my camera to my computer.

I had all this blank wall space above my new desk area. I thought about buying a picture, but then I remembered this idea that I saw a few months ago. I can’t remember where I saw this, but I didn’t make this up (I wish I was that creative). PS, we do plan to paint the very boring white walls this summer. :)


I started with 2 sheets of thin styrofoam. I was going to get the thick sheets but they were twice as much and since I had never done this before I thought I should spend as little money as possible. Next time I may try the thick foam, but I will have to use cardstock to cover the edges since they will be more noticeable.


The foam was 36 by 12 and I needed 12 by 12 squares so I cut each piece into 3 blocks.


I bought a book of scrapbooking paper that I feel in love with. I found 6 sheets that I thought would add some color to the wall and go together.


I used double sided tape to stick the paper onto the foam. Then I used sticky tack to put the blocks on the wall. All in all it was pretty easy and quick.


I also made some quick mistreatments for the window. I got the fabric for $3 so I couldn’t pass it up. Its a little too short for the window, but you can’t really tell. Eventually when we paint the room I will find some other fabric.


Okay, now for the week recap. Monday and Tuesday I was in a pretty blah mood. Not really sure why. Monday night I went out to dinner with my small group girls. When haven’t been able to get together in a long time. 2 of the girls just had babies and another one is due any day. With our busy schedules it was nice that we could all get together for dinner. Hopefully this summer we will start back with our regular weekly meetings.

Wednesday was our 2 year anniversary! I can’t believe it has already been 2 years. I had to work all day and when I got home Jon said he wanted to take me out somewhere (he loves to take me out an surprise me as to where we are going). He will even drive a round about way so that I don’t guess where we are going. Anyway so we leave and of course he doesn’t tell me where we are going. As soon as we pulled out of our driveway it started pouring! First we drove a few miles because there is a new housing community near us and I have this strange obsession with looking at new homes. When I get bored at home I just start looking at random floorplans online. So as we drove by the pouring rain turned into pouring hail. Ultimately Jon told me where we were going and it was way across town. Needless to say we decided it would be better if we went out another night and just went home. So we ordered pizza and enjoyed a quiet night together.

We are planning on going out tomorrow night. We are going to go look at wood floor options (our anniversary present to both of us) and then we are going to check out The Grove. Its a wine bar/restaurant.

I hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow!


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Kymberly said...

wow 2 years goes by fast! Congradulations, I love you!