Mar 18, 2009

picture time

Okay, here are some pictures from the room swap. I am too lazy to go and find before pictures, but I am sure there are some in pervious blog posts somewhere.

This is my new office/craft room. I know the walls look super boring right now, but I have some plans. I need to find some fabric to make some curtains mistreatments for the window and then I am going to use the same fabric to make a checkered bulletin board for above the desk. On the wall next to the bookshelf I am going to make some cool wall hangs. And then on the wall next to the floor lamp I am going to hang some pictures. Hopefully I will get a few of those projects done by this weekend.


Here is Jon’s new TV room/office. This is where he can be found most of the time. The room works well for him because he can have his laptop out and keep up with emails while playing Left for Dead. I think I lose brain cells just by typing the name of the game. Sigh.


So do you all ever have a hard time uploading pictures to blog posts and then getting them situated exactly where you want them without messing up the text you already wrote? Well I do! So I downloaded Windows Live Writer. I am trying it out and so far so good. I was able to quickly add these photos, change my font, and time my post in no time. I like it because you can see more of the post instead of looking at it through the small editing window Blogger give you. I am thinking this will be very helpful!

Tomorrow Jon and I are hoping to take Hiro to the Greenbelt. Since it rained all last week we are hoping there is water in the creek and with the weather so nice we just have to get outside. Jon has the day off and I only work until noon so it should be a great day!

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