Mar 7, 2009

glad to be back home

I got back from the TX ABA conference yesterday afternoon. I was exhausted! We had a lot of fun and learned some new things. It wasn't as good as the conference I went to in November, but it was still well worth it. Since we do mostly 1:1 therapy we don't get to see each other much outside of team meetings with clients it was helpful for us all to be together with lots of time to bounce ideas off each other and think about new things. We are thinking about starting a social skills group over the summer...I think it will be really fun. We are thinking 4 kids and 2 therapist...we would discuss things like making friends, conversation skills, and dealing with bullies.

When I got home my new iphone was waiting for me. I have been playing with it ever since and I LOVE it! It is so fun and the apps are endless. I don't think I will ever be able to go back to another type of phone. Jon is thinking of getting one when his plan is up...he is very anti Apple so that means this phone must be cool! :)

Jon and I slept in today, ran some errands and then took Hiro to play. We have a little bit of cleaning to do this evening and then we are going to make dinner and relax. A great way to end the weekend. We both have busy weeks coming up, but then next week is Spring Break. :)

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