Mar 30, 2009

when you own a home you have to do yard work

On Saturday Jon and I slept in and then decided we should take advantage of the nice weather and work on our yard. I post a lot of pictures of the inside of our house, but not too many of the outside. Not because I don’t like the outside of our house but because our yard sucked! Hiro pretty much managed to destroy the backyard. We call it the place where toys go to die. It kind of reminds me of the neighbor’s backyard in Toy Story (ya, it was that bad). Then the front yard…it wasn’t in very good shape when we bought the house and we haven’t done much in the past 2 years to make it any better. We got some kind of weird weed that basically took over and killed the grass in the front yard. In December we sprayed some stuff to kill the weeds and it worked. So Saturday we pulled up all the weeds (we filled up 7 huge trash bags of weeds). About halfway through the project we impulsively decided to re-sod the whole front yard. We headed to Home Depot, rented a truck and bought a palate of St. Augustine grass. We spend the weekend laying it in the front, cleaning up and laying the extra squares in the back. It looks great! We have been watering it twice a day. We are also trying to bring back the two Magnolia trees we planted in the back last year (unfortunately we planted them at what turned out to be a huge drought for Austin and we weren’t very diligent about watering them). After putting in a full weekend of work on our yard we are hoping to keep it looking good!

On another note we picked out some wood floors on Friday! We are going to order them soon. Since we are getting laminate flooring we are going to save money and try to put it in ourselves…I am sure that will be a number of blog posts. :) At least we work well together…when we first moved in we installed 2 ceiling fans in our extra bedrooms without any chairs or ladders to stand on. We had not bought furniture yet, in fact our mattress and box springs was on cinderblocks and we even had classy cinderblock shelves in the living room. Its hard to believe that was 2 years ago…

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