Mar 2, 2009

i should be...

I should be editing my research paper...but I have read through the thing about 10 times this weekend. Each time I read it I find something else to change or fix. Ugh. It doesn't help that my professor seems to be more concerned with the formatting of the paper that what is actually written. For example...if you have an extra space after a period, at the end of a paragraph he will count off. How will he know this, you might be wondering...well we have to submit the paper electronically and in person. So he is going to go through each persons paper and check every space and indention to make sure it fits with APA standards. I have nothing against APA standards but to be THIS nit-picky...come on.

So instead of reviewing my paper for the 11th time today I have cleaned the house, done laundry, and now I am updating my blog. Now I think I am going to make some lunch and watch another episode of Weeds (I have become addicted, and Jon downloaded all 4 seasons for me). Maybe my paper will get done sometime tonight...maybe.

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