Mar 15, 2009

spring break so far

So far the week as been great. Jon got tied up at work on Saturday so I spend the day at home. After cleaning up after Woodrow and Hiro...who made quite a mess during their sleepover Friday night, Hiro and I got comfortable in the living room and watched lifetime movies all day. We did make it outside for a quick walk around the neighborhood but other than that we enjoyed a relaxing day of nothing. It was perfect!

On Sunday Jon and I went to his grandparent's house to visit with his family (we missed his Grandmother's birthday party the night before because of Jon's job). It was good to see everyone and enjoy a few rounds of Sequence. Sunday night our good friend Jason came over for dinner, we took a group trip to central market and then made some gourmet hamburgers and potato skins...yum!

Yesterday Jon and I decided to rearrange our office and TV room. We did a big swap. Now instead of sharing and office and Jon having an Xbox room, I have the old TV room with our office furniture and Jon has the old office with the TV room furniture. I use the desk more than he does anyway so it works out perfectly. Now I have lots of space on the desk to work and space on the floor for crafts! :)

Jon had to go to Houston this morning...he is just now driving back. :( He has been working some really long days and it sucks because the jobs are mostly out of town. I was pretty productive today, I had a meeting this morning, ran some errands (which included new candles from Bath and Body works), cleaned the house, took Hiro to play, gave him a bath, and did the grocery shopping. Unfortunately none of my productiveness made it to my research paper...oh well there is always tomorrow...right??

Jon and I are spending the day together tomorrow and having lunch with my grandparents. We are blessed to have so much family in town. We are usually so busy with work and school, so we felt like it was important to spend some time with them this week while we have a break.

If I have some time tomorrow I will post pictures of our new spaces.

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