May 3, 2011

All Out Of and What To Eat

When we were at my parent’s house last week, I walked passed the refrigerator and did a double take. What was that on refrigerator door, I asked myself? I stopped and looked. It was this handy pad of paper. Um, it was love at first sights. Can you fall in love it a pad of paper? Apparently you can, or I can anyway.

When Jon and I first got married we would make weekly trips to the grocery store. We always enjoyed running errands together, and we still do. But get this, we never made a meal plan or a grocery list. I know, I know, my mom is shaking her head at this right now, because she always makes a meal plan and a grocery list.
But we didn’t. Occasionally we would make a note if we were out of something, but for the most part we would wonder through the store and drop items into the cart that we normally would buy. Oh the insanity.
Fast forward a few years and now I have another grocery partner. We prefer to go to the grocery store during the week to avoid shopping with everyone who shares our zip code. Since Jon is working in the middle of the week, Aedan and I tend to head to the store on Tuesday mornings.
Around the time Aedan was born, I decided it was high time I make a meal plan for the week as well as grocery list that goes along with it. I know, genius right? So Sunday or Monday night, I figure out a few meals for the week and make my list. Then I have to add to my list the items that we have jotted down throughout the week as we run out. I try to group everything together based on where it is in the store to make my trip faster.
Really it is not that time consuming, but how great that grocery list? It hangs on the refrigerator and we can check off things we think of during the week, then I can add to it when I make my meal plan. I love that everything is organized and already grouped together. Love it! I found it here, and while I was looking around I also found this, love it too!

Can you believe you just read a whole post on grocery lists? I’ll have to think of something more entertaining next time. :)


Chelsa said...

I'm in love too!
Going to have to get me some of those :)

Chelsa said...

I'm in love too!
Going to have to get me some of those :)

Me said...

I just bought some. I love organization.

Lari said...

We have our own unique system that seems to work for us, but this is pretty neat, too! I also make my list in the order of the store. I think it saves a ton of time, and I also thinks it saves money because I'm not wandering down all the aisles putting in everything in sight.