May 24, 2011

A Long Week

It has been a long week around here. Jon left for Amsterdam last Wednesday for work. It has been hard because I can’t call him (he doesn’t have an international plan) and he is 7 hour ahead over there. We have talked each afternoon using his internet work phone or google talk. We video chat so Aedan can say hi too.

Luckily my sister was already planning on coming down for a few days this month so she got here on Sunday. I’m so glad she was able to come! I am used to taking care of Aedan most of the day by myself (while Jon is working) but in the evenings we have a good routine and doing it all alone is hard. Plus Aedan goes to bed at 7:30 and then it is just kind of lonely to sit at home all evening.

Kymberly got here just in time to help with dinner/bedtime on Sunday and was a huge help. Then while I put Aedan down for bed, she went out and picked up dinner. We had a fun night catching up and watching a movie.

On Monday, Aedan went to his sitter’s house and my sister and I spent the afternoon getting pedicures and shopping, absolutely perfect!

This morning she got up with Aedan and they had breakfast together, while I got to sleep in. After Aedan’s morning nap, we headed to Target and went out to lunch. Aedan did great and we had a lot of fun. I have a little work to do this afternoon and then we are headed to the airport because Jon is coming back a day early!!


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Chelsa said...

glad your sis got to come and keep ya'll company for a few days!