May 10, 2011


There are lots of things I love about my job, but writing progress reports is not one of them. I have a report due for one of my clients at the end of June and I am trying to get a head start by working on it little by little (the report will probably be 16-18 pages complete with graphs and tables, not too fun!). I should be working on it right now, but I am not motivated so I thought I would write a post instead.

This morning Aedan and I went walking with a good friend around Town Lake. Usually we go around Aedan’s morning nap and he sleeps a little in the stroller, but since it is getting hotter (it was 98 here yesterday!!) we went earlier in the morning. Aedan had a blast, but did not sleep a wink.

After our walk, we stopped by the grocery store before going home. By the time we got home it was too late for a morning nap so I decided to make it a one nap day. We had lunch a little early and I put Aedan down about an hour before his normal nap time. I’m crossing my fingers he sleeps long enough to not be super cranky before bed tonight! Especially since we have a babysitter coming over. So far it has been 2.5 hours and he is still sound asleep.

I know lots of little ones go down to one nap around 1 year, but Aedan has always slept a lot and dropped naps later than “average” I guess. Those of you with little ones, when did you go down to one nap?

With summer rapidly approaching (remember the 98 degrees yesterday), I have been looking into swimming lessons for Aedan. I’d love to do a waterbabies class with him this summer, but everything around here is pretty expensive. I’m pretty picky about swimming lessons since I used to teach them. If we had a neighborhood pool, I would probably just teach him myself. But I think it would be fun for him to go to a class with other babies. What do you all think? When did you start swimming lessons?

Quaker Mini Delights - Caramel Drizzle I picked up some new snacks at the grocery store today and I am loving these little rice cake.s. They are just the right amount of sweet. Aedan thinks they are pretty yummy too!




Okay, I guess I should get back to work. I have been way too distracted today! Oh and by the way, Aedan as now been asleep for 3 hours, I may just have to wake him up soon. The boy likes his sleep!



The Haynes Family said...

I have had Jackson in swim lessons at 6 months, 18 months, and plan to sign him up again this summer. I found that I was most happy with the Plano Parks & Rec classes (except the water was sooooo cold), which were also the least expensive... by a lot (about $50 for 8 classes).

Having said that, so far "swim lessons" have consisted of time in the pool with other babies while dunking, playing with water toys and singing. On the positive side, if you pay for the class, there aren't any bigger kids getting in the way.

Good luck :)

Lauren and Jon said...

Ah, that is the problem Ally! I am used to the Plano Parks and Rec. Good facilities and reasonable prices! The parks and rec here is just not that great and the private places are sooo expensive. Ugh!

Chelsa said...

We swim pretty much every day in the summer so B didn't do official swim lessons until he was 3 and those got him comfortable with the deep end w/ out floaties. We don't have any place close to do swim lessons so our h.s. swim coach did those- we have had a couple refresher lessons the past two summers (4 & 5). I plan on doing another refresher with him this summer since he's so independent in the water (sometimes that's not a good thing b/c he's too brave!).

Corbin just now went down to 1 nap a day... and sometimes I think it's not enough, but he phased it out himself. I would put him in his bed for his normal morning nap time and he would lay in there and "talk"... sometimes if he is fussy mid morning I still put him in there for 20 min or so and he jsut lays there and talks to himself :) His afternoon nap is nearly always 3 hours now though.