May 13, 2011

Clean House? Yes Please!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I got a groupon for a house cleaning. It was sooo nice to come home to a totally clean house!

Well, Jon just got a raise (he has been working so hard and I am so proud of him!) and he said I could look for someone to clean our house on a regular basis. Our house is s.m.a.l.l. so I had a budget in mind and was firm that I wouldn’t pay someone an arm and a leg to clean it!

I checked with a couple of companies and it was pretty clear that, in my opinion, they were going to charge way too much. I really just wanted to find a person vs. a company anyway.

The day I was writing this post instead of working, I also decided to check out listings on craigslist. I found a ad that seemed promising so I gave the number a call. The lady on the other end was super nice and had a very reasonable rate (less than my self designated budget and my budget was pretty small). She was also available on the day of the week I wanted someone to come. I thought it would be best if it was on a day when Aedan was at his sitter’s house because we all know how much he loves the vacuum.

She came by on Wednesday so we could meet in person and I felt like she was going to be perfect. She came Thursday and cleaned the house top to bottom. It looks great!! Most definitely worth it!

Today, instead of cleaning the house, I got to catch up on a little work, run some errands and just enjoy playing with Aedan. Perfect!



Nichole said...

How exciting! That must be a great feeling! I cleaned the house top to bottom today. Feels great to have a clean house! Still have to vacuum, but like you, I need someone to "save" Anderson from the vacuum! LOL :oP

Me said...

Does she have any other openings? I know someone who was looking for a housekeeper. Not sure if they found one.

The Haynes Family said...

I would love to have someone help with the housework, especially wiping the floorboards and cleaning the blinds - agh! ;) Glad you have found someone who is a good fit :)

We should catch up soon - I'd love an update on the conversation we had last time & life in general :) Give Aedan hugs from us, please!!!