May 4, 2011

A Visit to Great Grandmom’s Place

My grandmother recently moved to an apartment/independent living center. I have been meaning to take Aedan up for a visit for a few weeks now, and we finally arranged it for today.

When Aedan woke up for his morning nap, we headed up to Round Rock. We had a great visit and had lunch in her apartment. At first Aedan wasn’t too sure about the new place, but he quickly warmed up and was making himself at home (i.e.., moved the trashcan all around the kitchen, and opening/closing doors and cabinets) in no time.

photo 1

After lunch Grandmom took us on a tour of the complex. Aedan had a blast. We walked through the courtyard, cafeteria, the main entry way and lots of hallways in between. Aedan smiled at everyone and made lots of new friends. For a baby that was so apprehensive of new people, he has turned into a social butterfly (as long a Mommy or Daddy are not too far away).

photo 2 (1)

We had a great visit, and I would have taken more pictures, but I was busy following my busy busy toddler around as he made all his new friends. Haha.


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Chelsa said...

He looks sooo big in these pictures!