Sep 24, 2012

Hollywood Here I Come…

Haha! Totally kidding.

But, I was in a commercial this past weekend.

I know; crazy right?!

Last week one of my friends texted that she had a friend looking for a 6-8 month pregnant girl for a commercial shoot (my friend’s husband is in TV as are a lot of their friends). I laughed and told her she could give her friend my info.

She did and her friend called and told me they would only need me for about an hour on Saturday and would pay about $100. I said sure and sent her a picture. I was just home with Aedan so this is the picture I sent over…not the best, but I think they just cared about my belly.

photo (7)

I didn’t hear from her for a day or two so I figured they went with someone else, but then she called me last Wednesday and said the she had shown the director some different options and the director liked my picture the best. Ha! She also asked if $250 would be worth my time on Saturday. Um, sure considering I would have done it for $100. :)

So Saturday morning I drove over to the shooting location (an older house in a really nice part of town). It was mostly a lot of waiting around and then they took some video of me and my pretend daughter (a little 5 year old). They said all the needed was a 2 second clip of us, so it was literally 5 minutes of them shooting.

Then. That was it.

So what is the commercial for? I have no idea. It is for the sister company to Kraft foods, so I am guessing a food commercial of some kind. Who knows.

We don’t have TV (and I still don’t really miss it!) so I’ll probably never see my 2 seconds of fame. But if you see a random clip of a pregnant girl in jeans and a tank top with a cute little 5  year old, it just might be me so you will have to let me know.


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The Haynes Family said...

We'll be on the lookout! $250 for 5 minutes? Yes please! ;) haha!