Sep 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

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I feel like it has been awhile since I have done a weekend recap. I think it is because Jon has had to work just about every single weekend for the past 6 months, so our weekends don’t really feel like weekends anymore.

Although this one did! Jon was able to take off Friday, Saturday and Sunday and since he is working and alternative week, he still gets his “weekend days” of Monday and Tuesday (too bad I have to work both of those). So we got a nice long 3 day weekend together and he and Aedan get to spend some daddy/son time together today and tomorrow.

On Friday Aedan decided to get up super early. Apparently he missed the memo about it being a 3 day weekend. We decided to make the best of it and go out to breakfast. Aedan totally cracked me up, because he ordered his whole meal by himself. The waitress asked what we wanted to drink…he said “milk please”. Then when she came back, he said “oh thank you!!”. She asked what we wanted to eat and he told her he wanted waffles. I finished up by ordering him the jr breakfast platter, but still he basically ordered for himself. Since when is he old enough to do that?!?

After breakfast we did a little walking on a nearby trail before coming home and pretty much just relaxing all morning/early afternoon. Once Jon and Aedan woke up from an afternoon nap, we headed to the grocery store and then got home just as my sister drove in from Plano. Aedan was super excited to see her!

On Saturday, my sister and I did a little shopping in the morning. We went to Old Navy and I found some really cute sweater vests. I had seen them online and was thinking about ordering them so I was excited to find them in the store. But, online they were $15 and in the store they were $25. Since they won’t match prices, I ended up ordering them anyway…at least I know they fit and I will like them.

After naptime, we all headed up to Round Rock to hang out with my parents, grandmother, aunt & uncle, and my cousin and his daughter. My cousin’s daughter is only 2 months older than Aedan so they had fun playing together. I was worried that Aedan wouldn’t want to share “Nenna’s toys” since my mom has a ton of fun toys up there and he totally thinks they are all for him, but he did really well.

Sunday, Jon had an early soccer game and got finished playing just before a huge rain storm came through. It basically rained all day, which hasn’t happened in months. It was a perfect day to just lay around at home.

It was great to have a normal weekend for a change. There is a good chance Jon will be switching to a new project soon, so hopefully there will be more normal weekends in the near future. :)

And since I managed to not take any pictures this weekend…here is one from earlier in the week. This is what happens while mommy gets ready in the morning.

photo (6)

I love Hiro’s face. He is like “what everything is fine”


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