Sep 10, 2012

Scentsy Online Party!

Since it is starting to feel a little bit more like fall outside, I thought it was time to order some new scents for my Scentsy warmers.

And I thought maybe some of you guys would as well, so I am hosting an online Scentsy Party. You can go here to check out the new fall catalog and go here to shop, just make sure you click on Lauren’s Party.

Never heard of Scentsy or haven’t tried it yet? You can go here to read more about it, but basically they are little ceramic warmers with a light bulb inside that warms the scented wax on the top tray. I have had mine for about a year now and I love it!

I have always been a candle person and I love having the house smell good, especially in the fall/winter. Now that Aedan is old enough to find a chair and move it to any counter he wants to help himself to cookies, I can’t very well have candles burning around the house.

With my Scentsy warmers all I do is switch on the light and a few minutes later the room/house is filled with wonderful scents. Aedan pays zero attention to the warmers, but even if he did, the wax is paraffin wax so it is hot, but will not burn. I love that I can switch it on and just leave it all day without having to worry about it. You could even plug it into a timer and have it set to go off just before you get home. How great would it be to come home to a wonderfully smelling house at the end of a busy day?

They have different size warmers as well as small plugins. I have two full size warmers; one in my kitchen and one in our bedroom. I am going to be ordering a couple plugins for the bathrooms and maybe a third full size warmer.

Once you have your warmer or plugin, you just have to grab some scent bars. Each bar comes with 8 little squares inside. I usually put 2 squares in my full size warmers and it is plenty to fill the house with the scent. The bars on $5 a piece or you can bundle and save a few dollars, but you get the equivalent of a pretty large candle for just $5.

I keep my kitchen warmer on just about everyday and I find that I only need to change out the scent every week to week and a half. The warmer in my bedroom doesn’t stay on as much so I can go a good 2 or 2.5 weeks before I change out that one.

Now the hard part is just deciding which scents to pick up first!

Probably my all time favorite is Luna. I feel like it is a perfect scent for any room. It is not too strong, but it will fill the house with a wonderful clean smell.

My second favorite scent is Welcome Home. It is just perfect to warm in the kitchen.

Scentsy just came out with their fall/winter scents and here are a few I will definitely be ordering…

Honey Pear Cider

Black Ruby


These would make great Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers, so get some names crossed off your list and pick up one for yourself to welcome in the cooler temperatures!

My online party will be open from now through September 21st.


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