Nov 7, 2012

Adelaide’s Birth Story

I thought it would be fitting for this to post on her due date. She is now 8 days old and doing great! I’m not sure if I am just more comfortable or if she is just easy but so far things have been going really well. I know she is still in her sleepy newborn stage so we will see if she stays this easy in a few weeks. :)


Okay so her birth story…

On Sunday (the 28th), I woke up around 2:30 with more contractions. They felt pretty much the same as they did the last time around. I figured I would wait them out to see if they ever got closer together or more uncomfortable. They never did. I had them pretty much all that day but again it was nothing.

Monday, I didn’t feel like doing much so I just stayed around the house with my mom and Aedan. I didn’t have a single contraction so I figured it was going to be Friday before Adelaide would come. I was so ready to be done so it was a little frustrating!

Monday night/Tuesday morning I woke up again around 2:30 with really bad stomach cramps. I thought maybe I had eaten something bad and was sick. After being up for a few minutes Jon woke up and took one look at the amount of pain I was in and started getting our stuff together. I kept telling him I was worried that this wasn’t it again, but since I couldn’t even walk during a contraction he decided we were going in. We live literally 10 minutes from the hospital so we didn’t even bother calling the after hours number. By the time they would have called back we would have been there. Luckily my parents had stayed over for the night so we woke them up as we left.

We got to the hospital around 3:30. They put me in a triage room for about a minute before they realized everything was happening pretty fast. I was 8 cm when I got there and the first thing the nurse said was that I probably wasn’t going to get to have an epidural this time around. Um what! Remember when I wrote this….I was serious about having the baby in the hospital with a epidural. I was in no way prepared to not get one.

What is a little funny is that the new maternity wing had just opened that night at 6 pm. So I was the first person to deliver in the new rooms. Unfortunately they weren’t all stocked and ready to go so three nurses were kind of scrambling around trying to find thing and get everything ready.

I remember the nurse asking if I felt like I needed to push. When I said yes, she told me to just do little pushes because the doctor wasn’t there yet. I remember I kept saying I couldn’t do this, and then one of the nurses came over and told me I was already doing this…I think that is when I realized this was it, there was no changing how it was all going to happen. The doctor showed up, broke my water and I think Adelaide was out in about 3 pushes. She was born at 4:25 am. So from start to finish my labor was less than 2 hours long, which is 30 minutes less than the amount of time I spent just pushing with Aedan. Completely difference experience and definitely more painful but thankfully much faster!

2012-10-30 04.29.58

I felt so much better after having Adelaide than I did after Aedan. I remember telling Jon while we ate breakfast Tuesday morning, that I felt like I could go home already. Luckily since I didn’t get an epidural, we only had to stay one night and we were home by 10:30 am Wednesday morning (which meant I got to go trick or treating with Aedan!). I tore really bad with Aedan and I tore again with Adelaide but nothing like before. I think that is one of the reasons my recovery has been so much better.



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