Nov 20, 2012

Thoughts in Bullet Points


  • We have been battling a cold around here and let me tell you, a toddler with a cold is one thing, a 3 week old with a cold is another. I was up most of last night and the night before and I am worn out! Luckily it looks like Aedan is feeling better and I am hoping Adelaide will be feeling better tomorrow.
  • I am so thankful that Jon has the rest of this week off as well as all of next week! Yay for help with night feedings. :)
  • Other than the cold, we are doing pretty good, although I still haven’t ventured out of the house with both kids by myself (other than taking and picking up Aedan from school). Jon will be happy because our Target bill should be lower this month because of it!
  • I finally got my nice camera out and took a couple of pictures of Adelaide. I have been meaning to take some newborn ones but the days just keep flying by. I am hoping to take some time this week to get some good ones since she is almost a month old already!


  • Yes, that would be my newborn sleeping on her tummy on our bed. She was on our bed because I had her propped up since her nose was all stuffed up and she is on her tummy because I think she takes after her brother. Usually she takes her naps and sleeps at night in her Rock n Play cradle but I have a feeling when we move her to her crib in a few weeks she will be sleeping on her tummy full time. She is just so much more comfortable that way.
  • Do you think she looks like Aedan?…I think she does.


  • I packed up all my maternity clothes a couple of weeks ago, except for my William Rast jeans. I love them too much. They just have a thin elastic band around the waist and they are so comfortable…I may just keep wearing them all fall/winter.
  • Tomorrow my grandmothers are both coming over with my parents to see Adelaide and celebrate Thanksgiving, I am hoping everyone feels better and that I get some more sleep tonight!! On that note, I am heading to bed at 9:45. Ah life with a newborn. :)


The winner of the Tiny Prints giveaway was Michelle. Congrats again!

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