May 29, 2013

Because I Don’t Want to Forget…

…all the things you say and do.

Aedan, you are 3 years and 2 months old. I am sure I will do a 3.5 year update, but I thought I should record some of the stuff you say and do because some of it is too cute and funny.

  • You are pretty good with pronouns most of the time. You talk about your house and my car, etc. But whenever you want to ask a question about something you did it always comes out “What my watch last night?” “What my eat?” and my favorite when you are try to figure out the name of some movie or game “What my talking about?”
  • Which lead to the next thing you say all the time…”last night”. If it happened in the past, you label it as happening last night. It could have actually been last night or it could have been 6 months ago…its all “Last night I….”.
  • You love to pretend like you are rescuing someone or fighting off a robot or giant. Probably your favorite game is for someone to lay down on the floor between the couch and the ottoman and pretend to need help. You are either Buzz, Fireman Sam or Mr. Incredible. Never mind the fact that it takes you about 15 minutes to actually rescue the person. You spend all that time, getting supplies, getting hats, putting hats away, dropping a rope, picking up a rope, swinging the rope, and on and on.
  • You take num num to school with you but you keep in it your cubby. Your teacher says sometimes you ask for it and she asks you why and you tell her “I think I just need to cry for my mommy for 1 minute”.
  • When you get in trouble, you always tell us we made you sad by putting you in time out.
  • At night if you come out of your room after bedtime, you get a spanking, which you call a “spank”. Every time we give you one, the next morning you tell us to spank you nicely. And you demonstrate a light tap on your leg.
  • You like to list off all the people you love all the time.


Pretending to be attacked by a robot, I think.


Rescuing me from a fire in the fort.


Enjoying some TV time with Hiro. Apparently chair are optional.


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