May 24, 2013

Five Things Friday

  • We are going on day 9 without Daddy being home. He is off in Sydney leading a training. Am I jealous? Um yes! We thought about figuring out a way to have me go with him, but I’m thinking my first trip away from Adelaide probably should not be halfway around the world. :) Check out his hotel room view though…
  • Aedan only has one more week of school. When I think back about his first day, he seems like such a toddler then (and I was much rounder!). Now he seems like a little preschooler! We have had such a wonderful year and LOVE his teachers so much, it is going to be sad for it to end.

2012-09-04 08.25.20


  • Yesterday I hosted a play group for the babies in my moms group. It was a little less crazy than Aedan’s play group, ha! It was fun to get together with some moms with little ones Adelaide’s age. I think Adelaide was surprised to see babies at her house since it usually always bigger kids.
  • This is one of Aedan’s school pictures. I don’t have a digital copy and our scanner is broken so this is a picture of the picture. But seriously, how cute is he? His teacher said it was all nervous at first and then all of a sudden just started posing for the camera. Ha!


Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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