May 16, 2013

Quick Draw

A few months ago we (read: Jon) thought it would be fun to get Aedan some “lasers” to play with. We bought one Star Wars one and then a set of Toy Story ones. The Star Wars one is a bigger hit and right after we bought it, Jon said he wished he had gotten one too so they could play together.

So over the weekend while I was at Target, I picked up a second one. That night Jon and Aedan stayed up way past Aedan’s bedtime hunting the giant (aka Hiro). It was a huge it!

This is pretty much what goes on around here all the time…

Aedan is so dramatic! This was right before bedtime thus the no pants, but honestly he rarely wears pants around the house regardless of the time. When we get home from being out, he will tell me he needs to take off his shoes, socks and pants. Ha! The other day, I asked him if he just wanted to wear shorts with no shirt. He looked at me like I was crazy and told me that would be silly. :)


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