May 31, 2013

Seven Months!

Adelaide turned 7 months old yesterday!



Adelaide, here is what you have been up to…

  • I think you are about 16/17 lbs. You wear mostly size 6m clothes. Your 0-3 onesies are finally getting too small and your 0-3 pants are too short.
  • You have your two bottom teeth and I think a couple of top teeth are close to coming through. Some days I see little white dots and then the next day, they disappear.
  • You officially sleep through the night. Like 7:30-7:30. You finally figured out how to roll back onto your tummy so I started to just leave you when you flipped over at night. Sometimes you wake up a little early, but you are content to hang out in bed until I get you around 7:30. Little one, it only took you 4 months longer than it took your brother to do this, but hey whose counting. ;)
  • Most days you only take two naps. Usually 2 hours in the morning and 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon. If you wake really early from your afternoon nap, you will still take a catnap in the late afternoon.
  • You still take 5 bottles a day and you hate puree food. I finally gave up this week and just gave you some plain roasted zucchini slices. You LOVED them. Since then, we have decided to just go with a more Baby Lead Weaning approach. So far, you are a big fan and it is so easy for me since I can just put stuff out on your tray.
  • You have started sitting in the shopping cart when we run errands. So far, I ‘m not sure if you like it or not. You just kind of sit and look around.
  • You still LOVE to watch Aedan and you have started to smile more at Hiro too.
  • You like to bounce in your jumper, swing outside and sit on the floor with a bunch of toys.
  • You are pretty smiley and happy most of the time but you are not too sure of strangers.
  • You have started “talking” more this month. You mostly talk when Aedan is gone or asleep, which is probably because he is always talking so you can’t get a word in. I’m sure you will learn to speak up as you get older. :)

Adelaide, you are such a sweet baby. We love you so so much!! Love, your mommy




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