May 6, 2013

Phone Pictures

One day last week, Aedan decided this was his new costume. He wore it all day! He has a food basket on his head, he is holding his Buzz laser and has play tongs on his ankle. I have no idea where he got this, but it made me laugh!


Apparently it is never to early to start accessorizing!


Aedan loves to drive. He will go play in my car in the garage all the time. He just sits in the drivers seat and pretends to be driving everywhere. Sometimes we let him drive with us to the end of the neighborhood. Of course he needed to wear my sunglasses also.


Adelaide started sitting up on her own the day after she turned six months. She is still not super steady, but she is getting better!


Aedan has gotten so much better at driving his jeep. He even got to drive it all the way to the park last week. He drove Adelaide around the yard too (don’t worry, Jon was holding her the whole time they were actually moving). :)


We have been playing outside a lot lately. Adelaide and Aedan both love to swing!



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