Jul 19, 2013

This Week

Yikes, how is it already Friday again!!

This week has gone by pretty fast, which is nice because I’ve been a single parent since Monday morning. Jon is in New York and gets back this weekend. We can’t wait !

I did have some help from my parents for a couple of days at the beginning of the week, which was so nice! My mom and I got to spend a couple of days together. She took Aedan to the jumpy house one morning while I got some work done, and we did a little shopping.

Aedan had lots of fun at the pool with my mom and dad! #wealmostalwayshavetheplacetoourselves


I had to work both Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, so today I am finally getting to enjoy nap time! Iced tea and Oreos!


This morning, I took Adelaide to get a shot. It was the first time I had to take Aedan to one of her appointments, since he was in school before. He was not happy she was getting a shot. Not that he felt bad for her, but he didn’t want to have to hear her cry. Ha! She cried less than he did.

Oh, the other big new is that Adelaide is officially on the move. She started crawling last weekend, just before Jon left. Up until yesterday, she has only really gone about a foot before stopping. Now she is getting a little braver and getting places a little faster. I know it won’t be long before I am cashing her everywhere!

We are off to the pool this afternoon to swim with some friends and then tomorrow, we have a fun play date planned for the morning!


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