Jul 23, 2013


Remember when you had to write papers in school and the teacher used to set a word count?

I always hated that.

Probably the least favorite part of my job is writing reports. I do a full report write up when I do an initial assessment and then I do progress reports every 6 months for my clients.

I just did an initial assessment last week and I had some help with the report so it wasn’t too bad. But still ended up at 10 pages and over 4,000 words.

I just finished it up and now just have to go through and proof read it.

Actually, proof reading is probably my least favorite part. I can get all the words down, but then having to go back and read all 10 pages and 4,000+ words. Ugh.

This is why most of my blog posts contain spelling/grammar mistakes. I rarely proof read my post.

I tell Jon not to read my blog because he is a proof reader. He proof reads each and every email and document he write. It’s a good thing. Just not for me.

I mean, this is my hobby and honestly at the end of the day, I just want to get my thoughts down and not worry too much about it.

I want to write a post. Add some pictures. And hit publish.

The end.


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