Nov 18, 2008


Based on the amount of times I have posted this week clearly things are slowing down for me. Yay!

I have 3 papers and 1 project due tomorrow. I have pretty much finished all of them...thank goodness! I turned in my project early for my teacher to look over. She forgot to give it back to me on Monday so now I have until next week to turn that in. All I need to do tonight is proof read my 3 papers 1 last time...clearly I am procrastinating on that! My plan is to finish watching CSI from last week, make some brownies (for Jon) and then proof read my papers.

The reason for the brownies...Jon has been such a great husband over the last few weeks (he is always great, but he has been extra great lately). I have been so busy and stressed with work and school. Jon has taken care of everything...taking Hiro to the vet, on walks, and to play, going to the grocery store, cooking dinner, and cleaning up around the house. All this in addition to working. I'm not sure what I would do without him. Thus in a few minutes when Jon leaves for his soccer game I am going to clean the kitchen and then make some brownies for when he gets home. :)

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