Nov 29, 2008

Group projects are almost a thing of the past

Today my group meet at my house to work on our group project. This is the one that I have been having problems with...its 60% of our grade and we didn't get to choose the members in our group. Luckily my friend and I got put in the same group, but our third member was not exactly our first pick.

Today we got together at 3 and worked until 7:30 :( After 4.5 hours of work we had completely our 12 page paper + 3 graphs + 2 12 page draft papers + 10 attachments made up of teacher interviews and data collection. We are finally done!! We get to turn in our huge mound of papers on Monday!

Now all I have to do is finish a PowerPoint and handouts for my other group project. I am thinking about doing that tonight since I have already been working all day on school work. I might as well finish all my work and take tomorrow to relax.

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