Nov 24, 2008

I hate group projects

In one of my classes 1/2 our grade depends on a group project. Everyone in the group has a part, but everyone gets the same grade based on the end results. Ugh. Luckily I requested to be in a group with a good friend who I know will do the work...but the third person in our group, well lets just say I'm not a fan. I was in charge of part 1 and my friend is in charge of part 3. Our part 2 sucks! We still don't have all the information we need and the project is due next week. Ugh...I'm so frustrated.

We are all getting together this Saturday (even though we could have been done before Thanksgiving if this member had completed her part on time). I am hoping that this member comes with ALL her information completed. If not I am going to talk with my professor (for the second time) about it. Not that she is much help...her response is well in the real world you don't always get to pick your coworkers and you just have to deal. Its one thing to deal when it is a coworker. Its another when it is a grade...ugh I pay $1000 per class and I can easily make A's. I am going to be so mad if this project is what causes me to make a B.

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