Nov 16, 2008

We have a plan

Well I think we have a plan to kill the weeds that plague our front yard and finally begin to see some grass grow. For those of you who have seen our front yard it is pretty bad...maybe I will post a picture to make more of a point.

Anyway Jon and I went looking for wood floors (more on that later) and while at Home Depot we found a weed killer/grass feeder made specifically for this time of year. It also has a plan on the back of the bag...supposedly if we sprinkle this stuff on once a month (there is a different type for every season) we can have a nice yard by next summer/spring. We came straight home and followed the directions...we are hoping for the best.

Back to the wood floors. We have wanted to put wood floors in ever since we moved in. Now that we have Hiro (and may be getting a second dog in January..more on that later) we are so ready to get rid of the carpet. I vacuum and there is always hair left behind. With floors I will be able to sweep and mop and get rid of all the hair. We shopped around at Lumbar Liquidators, Floor and Decor and Home Depot. Lumbar Liquidators had the best prices hands down. We found a bamboo that we loved but it is a softer wood and probably won't hold up to Hiro's paws. We both love real wood, but ultimately we think a laminate is going to serve our needs better...price wise and scratch resistant wise. We found one that has the look of hand scraped wood and I love it. We were going to wait until Jon gets his bonus in March but I am thinking we may move on this in January. Yay!

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