Jun 1, 2009

Hiro’s getting sneaky

This morning I got up and made my usual breakfast…oatmeal with flaxseed and brown sugar. I guess I forgot to close the pantry door after getting the oatmeal out and no sooner had I sat down to watch the news, did I hear a bag rustling and Hiro running out his doggie door. I thought maybe he had knocked something over and ran outside because he had gotten scared. But, when I look up all I saw was Hiro sitting outside on the patio eating a piece of “good stuff”.

Before I continue with this story, let me take a minute to explain “good stuff”. When my sister and I were little, my mom used to put evaporated milk on toast every once in a while for us. We loved it! She always called it “good stuff”. I remember one morning when my Dad was making us breakfast and he asked my sister and I what we wanted…we both excitedly said we wanted good stuff! He had no idea what good stuff was and we were not too happy. :)

Fast forward about 18 years…when Hiro was a puppy I taught him that “good stuff” was a treat. Now he gets super excited when I ask him if he wants “good stuff”. Well recently we picked up some treats at Costco and apparently they are the best “good stuff” we have gotten because Hiro loves them! So this morning when he found the pantry open and no one looking he decided to help himself to a few. I thought it was pretty funny so when he came back inside I pretended like I had not noticed. He trotted into the living room and looked at me (making sure I had not caught onto what he was doing). Then he casually walked back to the pantry and sticks his head in for more. I wish we had a flip camera or something because this would have been great on video! I was laughing too hard to get mad at him, but I at least called his name. He jumped and ran over to me with 2 “good stuffs” hanging out of his mouth.

No telling how often he has done this when we were asleep or not home. When I told Jon about it, he said he doesn’t really make an effort to make sure the pantry door is closed. I guess from now on we will have to keep the pantry door closed just like the closet door (I’m not sure if I shared the shoe story on my blog). I’ll just say it involves us leaving our closet door open one night and Jon finding 10 pair of my shoes all over the backyard the next morning. What can you do besides laugh, right? :)


*Update…sometimes Jon leaves me notes on my computer from Hiro…this is what he wrote tonight…

“Hiro peers around the corner; coast is clear. His nails tap on the tile as he makes his way across the kitchen. One last glance over the shoulder; still no sign of resistance. Speed and stealth, he thinks to himself. Don't be greedy. However, as the smell of the good stuff feels his nostrils he gets excited; tail wagging frantically. Nervously, he plunges snout first. The crinkling of the bag startles him; his stomach all tied in knots. No time left now. He grabs all he can in one quick snap of the jaws. Out the door he runs with his prize. He walks a little easier now, confident he was undetected. Finding his spot in the yard, the crumpled grass in the shade, he finally collapses and enjoys his treat. Another successful raid of the good stuff.”

He should be writer.

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