Jun 11, 2009

Show Us Where You Live - bathrooms


It’s that time again…this week’s feature room is bathrooms!

Our house is only 1200 sq ft and not much of that space is given to our 2 bathrooms, but we make it work. We haven’t done much in either bathroom besides paint, but we have some big plans.

First, here is what they look like right now.

This is our master bathroom…yup, it’s that small.


Here’s the bathroom from another angle, I picked up the bamboo soap and toothbrush holder from Home Goods on our quick trip to San Antonio.


I used to just have our extra towels folded on top of the cabinet, but then I decided to use an old basket (it’s actually for DVDs) to hold a few of them. I think it really cleans up the area.


Even though our bathroom is small, we have a pretty good sized window. I carried the same mistreatments in here as I used in the bedroom.


Here’s the guest bathroom.


Um, yes…it’s bigger than the master bath, but we have an oversize tub in the master so that takes up the extra space.


Here it is from another angle. I use this bathroom to dry my hair and put on make-up, since I am usually getting ready while Jon is still sleeping. We hung up mirror near the door that is great when I straighten the back of my hair. :)


I snagged this soap and lotion pair at Home Goods. I picked a set with clear soap and white lotion so I can refill them easily without replacing them…sneaky, sneaky.

A little artwork.



So that’s the bathrooms as they are now, but here is what we want to do…

Replace the cabinets/sinks with something like this


Replace the mirrors with something like this or a mirror with a cool frame.


Then in the master bathroom, I want to take out the over-the-toilet cabinet and use something like this above a towel bar. We would have to get creative with storage, but I would love to use glass jars and baskets to fill these shelves.


Thanks for checking out our space! I love to make new blog friends, so let me know you dropped by!

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Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I love all of your warm paint colors and the great use of storage space.

Greetings from Guatemala said...

enjoyed looking around your bathroom, sounds weird, huh. ha

Thanks for sharing!

pumpkinpatches said...

I have the same soap set from Home Goods too HA!! I love your bathroom, great job! I used to live in Austin when I was younger and I miss it bad!! have a great weekend.