Jun 16, 2009

A Productive Day Off

Wow, a day of running errands done and I am feeling more worn out than I do after working all day! I think I just about drove all over Austin today and it didn’t help that it felt like 103 outside!

This morning, after breakfast I headed to my doctors appointment. All went well, and I left with a prescription for clomid, pleas keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks! From there I headed to the bank, deposited my checks and got my defensive driving form notarized. Since I was up north I got my rings cleaned…they look so much better now. :)

After my errands up north, I headed back toward the house and stopped by HEB for some groceries and to get the prescription filled…of course just about everyone else in the store was waiting on a prescription as well…I think I was at the grocery store for close to an hour! I ran home unloaded the car and had a quick lunch.

After lunch I headed down south to the Mazda dealership to get my oil changed. They are always really nice, but it took them 2 hours to rotate my tires and change the oil! On the up side they have free internet so I was able to check out places to stay in South Padre. There were a couple of other ladies in the lobby waiting for their cars…one had been there since 9 am!! Yikes! Apparently they were just adding a roof rack to her car, but they didn’t have the tool they needed, so they had to go up to Georgetown to get it…they offered to give her a car for the day, but she decided to just wait. I could not just sit in a lobby for 8 hours!!!

I got home about the same time as Jon got in from Houston. We were both pretty tired so we decided to skip biking and yoga tonight. We are going to make dinner together (I know some of you are shocked). I rarely help with dinner, but I am learning. :)

*update: I wrote this post about 5 pm, now we have had dinner…I made the 2 sides and Jon grilled the chicken. It was delicious! Now we are going to take Hiro on an evening walk.*



Allison said...

First of all- I love your new page!
Secondly- The first round of Clomid worked for me! But when I had my progesterone level checked on cd21, I went ahead and asked them to do a beta check. They did and it came back negative-meaning I wasn't pregnant! So my advice is to NOT get your beta checked when you go get your bloodwork on cd21! It only causes heartache and in my case, was completely wrong!
Thirdly- I really hope it only takes one round for you too! Good luck!

Jill said...

I'm so proud you helped cook! I have been thinking about cooking...that is as far as I have gotten though!