Jun 13, 2009


This afternoon as Jon and I left to run errands, we stopped to check the mail. The only thing in the mailbox was 2 bill looking envelopes (ugh). One from the surgery center where I had my recent surgery (I had a small cyst removed from my uterus about a month ago) and one from the anesthesiologist. Wonderful. We paid a pretty hefty amount upfront to the surgery center as well as to my doctor (we had to pay our $500 deducible as well as some other fees). We were expecting a bill from the anesthesiologist but we didn’t know how much it would be. Needless to say we were both a bit nervous about opening the two envelopes.

I opened the bill from the surgery center first, and peaked inside. All I saw was the number $450…yikes I thought! We have already paid about $700, we don’t want to pay another $450! Then I opened it all the way and found out it wasn’t a bill at all! It was a check made out to us, from the surgery center, for $450!!! I have no idea why, but we aren’t going to complain!

Next I opened the bill from the anesthesiologist. It read something like this…procedure: $615.30 – um just for the anesthesia…sheesh, insurance: –378.81, insurance credit (who knows what this is): –197.40, amount still owed: $42.09. Now that's a number I can handle!

Needless to say I am glad the procedure is over and done. We are both glad that this last payment is not going to be huge and the additional $450 is an unexpected blessing. :)


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