Jun 15, 2009

Flip Video and South Padre

This weekend was pretty uneventful around our house. Jon and I ran errands on Saturday…are we they only ones that can not seem to stick to a list when we go to Costco?!? I mean there is so much we always want to buy!

I realllly want a flip video camcorder! They are at Costco right now, and I just need want one!! We have two at work, and we use them all the time to video tape therapy sessions. They are so easy to use and so small. I could be adding videos to my blog posts, how fun would that be?!?! Now I just have to talk Jon into letting me buy one. :)


Saturday night Jon headed down to New Braunfels for a job that was supposed to be from 9 pm to 1 pm. They ran into problems and he didn’t get to come home until 9 am! To make matters worse he had to go back Sunday night to finish up the job. Needless to say he slept pretty much all day on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon I went to one of my favorite client’s birthday party. It was at Pump It Up, which is a party place filled with inflatable playscapes. It was a blast…luckily I wasn’t the only adult who wanted to play so we all had a blast going down the slides and racing through the obstacle courses.

This morning I got to go to Vacation Bible School with one of my clients. So fun! Then this afternoon I had a great session with another client of mine. Usually Monday’s with him are pretty rough since he has had all weekend to do as he pleases (most Monday sessions involve lots of screaming and tantrums throughout the 3 hours I am there). It was nice to have a good Monday session to start off the week.

When I got home, Jon and I jumped on our bikes and went to check out a public pool about a mile away. Um..basically we concluded that we need to find a pool a little farther away from where we live. We live about 5 miles from downtown, and our neighborhood is pretty nice, but the area around our neighborhood is definitely up and coming. There is a lot of new construction, but there are still some sketchy parts. I talked with the lifeguard and found out there is a pretty new pool about 5 miles away. I looked it up and it looks pretty nice, I think I may go check it out tomorrow.

I have Tuesday’s off ,so here is my optimistic to-do-list for tomorrow:

  • go to the bank to deposits checks and get a form notarized…did I mention I am taking defensive driving…ugh! I got a ticket a couple of weeks ago…50 in a 40…in my defense the speed limit went from 55 to 40 in a matter of feet. I happened to get the ticket literally 5 feet after the 40 mile and hour speed limit sign.
  • go to my doctors appointment…looks like clomid is in our near future.
  • get my rings cleaned…our jeweler (when I say “our jeweler”, keep in mind that we have only purchased our rings from here…not like I have tons of jewelry). Jon picked a great place to buy my rings, its a local jeweler and they recognize us every time we go in. The only downside is it’s in north Austin, so I don’t get my rings cleaned very often.
  • get my car’s oil changed…ugh.
  • maybe go to Old Navy to check out what’s new…is it sad that this is on my to-do-list?
  • laundry and cleaning up the house…why does it seem like every time I do laundry, the baskets seem to be just as full in a matter of days?!

On a random whim, Jon and I are thinking about taking a quick vacation to South Padre! I was looking through some friends pictures on facebook this afternoon while drinking coffee during my break. She just got back from Playa de Carmen…I immediately got on Google Talk and told Jon I wanted to take a beach vacation. We are thinking South Padre, because we can enjoy the beach and save some money by driving there (Jon has enough points to rent a car). Anyone have any recommendations on places to stay?


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