Jun 28, 2009

Weekend Fun: Updated (Test)

*I went back and added the videos in You Tube format to see if they would be better quality. The looked pretty bad in blogger.*

Even though the highs were around 103 all weekend, we managed to spend some of time outside. Friday evening we took Hiro to play at Auditorium Shores and then grabbed dinner from P.Terry’s. We walked over to Butler Park for a picnic with our veggies burgers and lemonade. Jon just built a new computer that we are going to use to play music and videos on our TV in the living room. He wanted to try it out so we watched The Dark Knight on our new DVD player.

Saturday morning Jon had to work so I went to Mozart's for coffee with my good friend Jesse. She just got engaged on Thursday and I am so exited for them! They are planning on getting married next summer. I am sure we will be talking about wedding plans during our 30 minute commute down to class each week in the fall.

Yesterday afternoon when Jon got home we went down to the Greenbelt with our friend Phillip and his dog Woodrow. It was soooo HOT. Even the water was warmer than usual. We got to played around with our new camera. It was fun to have it in the water and not have to worry about it getting splashed.

Here is a couple of videos we took while we were there. They are pretty silly, but I just wanted to test out adding videos to my post.


This morning Jon and I slept in…the heat yesterday took it out of us! We made a big Costco and HEB trip, our refrigerator and pantry are stocked! The rest of the day we just spent relaxing in our air conditioned house…on days like today I don’t know what we would do with out it!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I have a short week of work and then Thursday we are heading to Dallas to celebrate the 4th of July! I can't wait! :)

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