Jun 19, 2009

An Austin Weekend

Tonight Jon and I ran some errands (we may or may not have made our second trip to Costco this week). We decided to get dinner at Central Market and then walk over to Amy’s Ice Cream for dessert. While we walked around enjoying Mexican Vanilla ice cream we were talking about what a fun weekend in Austin would look like…what would be the must see/must do activities that we would want to hit if we had a guest in town for the weekend. I think we came up with a pretty good plan so I thought I would share.

Friday afternoon/evening:

We would head down to Auditorium shores and enjoy watching all the dogs playing as well as the great view of downtown.


Then we would walk over to P. Terrys to grab dinner (their chicken and veggie burgers are both great).


We would take our dinner and make our way over to Butler Park and have a picnic.


Later Friday night, we would head out to the Warehouse District and enjoy some imported beer at the Ginger man.



Wake up and grab a quick breakfast, drive down to Town Lake for a morning walk (either the big 5 mile loop or the small 3 mile loop).

Grab lunch at Torchy’s Tacos


Then of course we would spend some time relaxing at Barton Springs.


After all that time outside we would need to enjoy a snow cone to cool off.


After getting cleaned up, we would have dinner at the Alamo Drafthouse where we can watch a good movie while we eat.

278496281_5a986d6a73 Once the movie let out, we would head over to South Congress for some window shopping and of course a cupcake from Hey Cupcake!



Breakfast out…maybe Kirby Lane for some amazing blueberry pancakes.


We came up with a few alternate locations that we also love…

Instead of Barton Springs, there is always hiking/swimming at the Greenbelt, or kayaking on Town Lake.

Instead of Hey Cupcake, we love Amy’s Ice Cream.

Other places to eat that we love…El Chilito, Curras, Trudy’s, and Dan’s (the list goes on and on).

If beer wasn’t your thing, I love going to Mozarts for good coffee and a great table by the water.


Sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it? You know you want to come visit. :) Okay, your turn, if someone from out of town came to visit you for the weekend, what would be the must see/must do activities? I would love to check out your list!



Shannon said...

Sounds like it would be a great weekend! :) I've never been to Austin but have heard it is so fun.

Chelsa said...

sounds fun! i think i would gain a lot of weight if i came to visit though :)

Jill said...

Sounds perfect! Which weekend works for you?!