Jun 2, 2009

Biking to dinner

Jon has been riding his bike (the one with pedals not the one with a motor) to soccer at Zilker Park twice a week for a couple of weeks now. Since I go to outdoor yoga on the same nights at Butler Park (which is right on the way to Zilker), I am going to start riding my bike with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Last night when I got home from work, we decided to do a trial run and bike to one of our favorite burger places, P. Terrys (which is between both parks). It’s about a 5.5 mile ride down Riverside to get to P. Terrys so we made it in about 30 minute.


Um, please ignore my gross hair and shiny face…it was hot yesterday!


Here is Jon before we headed back home.

On our way back we decided to stay on the hike and bike trail as long as we could…we were able to go pretty far but the trail turned very rocky and it was much more of a work out than I was expecting! We eventually made it back home, but it took a little longer on the way back. Basically I think we went on a 12 mile bike ride…not to bad!

Since my sister is going to be in town tonight and I have to go to a meeting on Thursday, I’m not going to take my bike to yoga this week, but next week let the biking begin!


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