Jun 8, 2009

Summer Schedule

My summer schedule for work started today. It’s pretty nice and I am so so so excited to not have to worry about ANY summer school!!

This morning was our first social group. It went really well! The two girls are a great match and even though they are not exactly the same age, they are pretty close as far as skill level. I think its going to be a fun summer project. Hopefully it will take off and we will be leading more and more social groups.

The one downside to my new schedule is that on Mondays and Wednesdays I don’t get to come home for lunch. Jon was so sweet this morning and packed me a great lunch (pasta salad, pita chips and some fruit). At my lunch break I headed over to Panera Bread and bought some lemonade (so I didn’t feel guilty using their patio and internet while I ate my lunch). While it is nice to go home for lunch, I had a relaxing hour checking email and blogs and reading.

Right now I am reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I am about halfway through and I am really liking it. I’ll be looking for a new summer book soon…any suggestions?

Tonight when I got home, Jon had washed clothes, cleaned up the house and taken Hiro to play. I absolutely love coming home to a clean house!! Jon is working tonight (luckily its a remote job so he is just in the office), so I am enjoying a few girly show…The Bachelorette and Here Come the Newlyweds.

So I was thinking about having a linky party…I was thinking everyone could post about “a day in my shoes”. I am loving seeing inside everyone’s homes during Kelly’s home tour, and I think it would so much fun to hear what everyone does during a typical day. What do y’all think…anyone up for it?


Chelsa said...

great idea! i love learning about other people!

i too love coming home to a clean house.

Nicki and Mathis said...

i love panera (we don't have one in abilene and it makes me sad). i'd love to join in on your "day in the life" post!

Greetings from Guatemala said...

your "a day in my shoes" sounds like fun!