Nov 8, 2009


I think I have decided on a bedding set for Aedan’s room.


I really like the colors and I think it will look great with dark wood furniture. :) It is available at a bunch of different stores, but I haven’t gotten to see it in person. I ordered the 2 decorative pillow (I think they will be cute on whatever chair we decided to get) so I can make sure I like the colors in person and to help me pick a paint color.

Here is what we are thinking for furniture:



31-ctJR tRL._AA260_I like that the dresser has 6 drawers instead of 3 drawers and a cabinet. I feel like the cabinet looks too much like it belongs in a nursery, while this one should last quite awhile in his room.



The Haynes Family said...

super cute!! choosing bedding really gets the ball rolling on the nursery decor. I've also really loved the dark red/light blue combination lately... thinking about doing it in our living room/kitchen. looks like a great choice!!! :)

Melissa said...

I came across your blog through another one! My husband and I are having a baby boy in the near future. I ordered the bedding that you picked and LOVE it! I actually ordered it through - they had the lowest price that I could find when researching it and they have no tax and free shipping!

Chelsa said...

love the dresser and the bedding!!