Nov 4, 2009

Just about DONE

Last night in class we went over our class calendar and decided not to have class the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (ah the joys of having a cool professor and a class of 10 people). Since we will be cancelling class that week, I only have 3 more classes until I will be DONE with graduate school!! I can’t believe I am that close to being done for good.

I have few more little projects to complete for my research class and about 15 more hours to get at my practicum site (which I should be able to knock out before Thanksgiving). By December 1st I will be DONE!

Once I graduate I need to sit for my Board Certified Behavior Analysis exam…sigh. I am hoping to take it before Aedan comes, but it is only offered in March next semester, so it may be close. Before I am allowed to sit for the exam I have to earn 1500 therapy hours. I have been doing ABA therapy since May of 2006, which means I have earned way more than 1500 hours. Unfortunately I can’t count any hours I did before starting graduate classes in January of 08. Yesterday I finally added up all the hours I have accumulated since starting school and currently I have 1425. I should get another 85-90 hours before December 18th, which means I am going to meet my goal of 1500 hours before graduation! Yay! Now I just have to study for the exam…I am pretty sure I won’t worry about that until January. ;)


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Chelsa said...

how exciting!!!! i'm sure it will be a big weight off your shoulders to be done!