Nov 3, 2009

Getting Crafty

Here is what I made for Aedan this weekend.


How cute are they? I love them! :)

I got the idea here. I made my tie pattern half the size, since I was working on a small onesie.  I liked the tie so much, that I thought I would make a guitar too…so cute! I also made a couple of girl onesies, but they are gifts for an upcoming shower. I will post pictures of those in a couple of weeks.


Instead of using the sewing machine to finish the edges, I hand stitched. I thought about using my sewing machine, but the onesie was too small and it was just easier to hand stitch.

I have a feeling I am going to be making more of these!



Regina and David said...

those are really cute!!

The Haynes Family said...

so cute! and what a great idea! I've been considering making a similar t-shirt for Jackson's first birthday. I was sketching out designs in church yesterday... I mean... no I wasn't... ;)

glad to see it turned out so well for you! Aedan is going to be the most handsome little baby in Austin!

The Haynes Family said...

(p.s., your hand stitching looks great - really even and much more character than a sewing machine)

Chelsa said...

sooo cute! i might have to steal that idea!!