Nov 18, 2009

Hulu is Back

I know I have blogged about Hulu before, but since I never remember to label my blog post I can’t find the actual post. Anyway, last year we did away with cable and Jon had his Xbox in the living room so that we could enjoy Hulu on our main TV. It was nice, but I still missed cable. I like just tuning into random TV shows when I am feeling lazy in the middle of the day. Long story short, I got my cable back and Jon moved his Xbox into the office/guest bedroom and Hulu kind of got forgotten about.

A few weeks ago we started watching V on abc, but we missed the first episode. We checked and now Hulu has abc shows (last time we checked it was NBC and Fox shows). I know you can watch most of these shows on the networks website, but I like Hulu better. We were able to catch up on V last night thanks to Hulu.

Today, Jon set up the media center (yes, we are high tech like that around here) to run Hulu from his laptop, so Hulu is back (and cable is staying, for now)!


Oh and for those who don’t know, you can go to and watch tons of shows for free on your computer. :)

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